Start A Program

Are you a student, parent, teacher, school administrator, or work in the elder care industry and interested in starting a local Storied Lives program? Please review the FAQs below and then email us for more information. Thank you for your interest.

What is required to start a local Storied Lives program?

The key ingredients to a successful program are:
  1. a high school with a teacher who is willing to advise the program
  2. a student leader to work with the faculty advisor
  3. an elder care facility that will work with the school to facilitate student visits to the residents. If you have some but not all of these components, we can provide materials and guidance to help you launch your program.

Can we customize the program for our school?

There are certain parts of the program that must be in place to ensure its success and integrity, but there are many opportunities to make it your own and we welcome your ideas. Your local program will work with Storied Lives on all such questions.

Is there a fee for starting a program?

Storied Lives does not charge a fee for providing materials and support.

Can Storied Lives programs be started for other organizations such as religious organizations, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, literary clubs, etc.?

While the program is designed to work within high schools, we are open to proposals for other organizations where teenagers are committed to excellent writing and service.

For more information, please contact us: