Storied Lives pairs service-minded high-potential students who love to write with the elderly living in residential care homes, who are often lonely and want to tell their stories. Over the course of a program, the students will spend quality time with their assigned elderly person, getting to know them, writing a story about their life, and finally, presenting the story to their resident at the program’s closing ceremony.


A program is designed for about 10-15 students to participate. It is typically about 10 weeks and occurs over the summer or during the school year. There are three essential parts to the program, and to receive credit, students must take part in all three:


  • Opening – students receive their orientation and have an initial meet-and-greet with the elderly person about whom they will write a story.
  • Visits – students visit their elderly person in the elder care home 3-4 times over the course of about 10 weeks and write their story.
  • Closing Ceremony – the elderly, the students, their parents, school and elder home staff are invited; students read their stories aloud one-by-one to their residents; students and supporters are recognized; refreshments typically served.

How to Start a Program