I Want to Start Storied Lives at My School

So you’ve looked around the Storied Lives website and you’re intrigued and maybe even a little excited. Perhaps you’re thinking “this is my kind of program” and now your next question is “how do I get this program in my high school? The answer is both simple and not so simple at the same time.


The simple answer is that you have the ability to bring the program to your school and we can provide you all of the information to make that happen.


The not so simple part is that you will need a little help. Remember that you need two things to make the program work: a group of students who want to do the program and a group of the elderly who you can visit, get to know, and write stories about.


For the first part, the students, you will need to get the support of at least one teacher at your school. Without a supportive teacher, it will be nearly impossible to promote the program in the school and get the students signed up. By finding a teacher who is willing to help you make it happen, you are well on your way to starting a Storied Lives program in your school.


The second part is finding the elderly who will participate. The best way to do that is to talk to any elderly care homes in your area. They are typically very interested in having bright, socially minded high-school students come and visit the elderly at their facility. It is great for the elderly and therefore great for the elderly care home. Your teacher can help you to locate and get the approval of an elderly home in your area.


Once you find a teacher and a willing elderly care home, you can start right away. For more information on starting a program, just email us at storiedlives@gmail.com. We’ll send you a “Getting Started” packet, plus answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you!



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