Creative, service-minded students honoring the elderly by writing stories about their lives.

About Storied Lives Start a Program

Students & Teachers

Introduce the Storied Lives program in the classroom or as an extracurricular activity to provide a unique storytelling and social service experience.

Elder Care Professionals

Coordinators, administrators, and other professionals choose Storied Lives for their elder care facility to honor and bring joy to their residents.


If you are not in a school or an elder care facility and are interested in volunteering with Storied Lives, we'd love to hear from you.

Storied Lives Blog

What About My Grandmother?

So often when friends hear about Storied Lives, they’ll say something like “Oh I wish someone would write about my .

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I Want to Start Storied Lives at My School

So you’ve looked around the Storied Lives website and you’re intrigued and maybe even a little excited. Perhaps you’re thinking “this is my ki.

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How We Got Started

When someone gets involved with Storied Lives, either as a participant or supporter, they are always surprised to hear that this program was born just.

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